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Nothing.... but at the same time, everything. We dont know what it is. Just that a friend of mine made it up a long time ago, and it's popularity is spreading throughout my school. Jabulls is perhaps the next Frindle.
"WTF is Jabulls?" We dont know exactly what Jabulls is, only BuckyCurls (the founder of Jabulls, and perhaps the most familiar with this word's pasttime) would know such a thing. Jabulls.
by cApNhOwDy February 26, 2005
Inserting wet noodles into the anus to check for cleanliness before performing a rim job or anal sex.
Before I went anywhere near the brown hole I had to do a chinamen sample to make sure is was clean.
by capnhowdy September 18, 2015
The art of straddling a midget while they perform duel stimulation.
The shorter you are the hardet it is to find a midget small enough to straddle for a keebler sidejob.
by capnhowdy September 18, 2015
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