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3 definitions by c4rol

Cramming information hand over fist into one's brain to hold onto it just long enough to purge it all out onto the exam in order to make room for the next "binge".
Man, I completely forgot EVERYTHING after writing that test. I have major intellectual bulimia!
by c4rol May 02, 2011
To become a redneck/hick.
Man, I've been living in Texas for 2 years now, and I keep sayin' things like, "howdy ya'll!", carrying shotguns everywhere with me, and driving around in old pick up trucks; I'm really hicking up.
by c4rol January 31, 2011
To have drank so much/become so intoxicated that you pass out.
Michael drank a good night; he went down and didn't come up for the rest of the night!
by c4rol September 15, 2011