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spaka - a slang word used for people who have special needs, generally used to insult your friends/refer to anyone really, just means - you got special needs!
"You're a bit of spaka" - Your reply to a mate who just told you he got to pissed one night and ended up pissing in his cupboard.
by c1187600 February 19, 2007
Spoon - can have variouse meanings.

However (certainly) in northern parts of the UK "you spoon" is another word for you idiot or you utter twat.
"You're a right spoon boy ain't ya?" - Meaning you are a bit of an idiot really aren't you. Generally used after having fucked up a really simple task, question or not having understood something very obviouse.
by c1187600 February 19, 2007
When someone is a bit of a general idiot and or generally not very bright. Can also mean looking or doing something a bit daft. Bit like being a spoon.
She's a bit of a spongle.

I look a right spongle when I dance....
by c1187600 February 19, 2007
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