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That fucking guy is the epiphany of doucheness and assholism, ever.

That fucking guy is the shittiest of the following.

That guy is the asshole friend everyones always with, but he always gets in other peoples shit and in turn thinks hes the shit.

Fucking guy is usually used to express how irritated you are that hes the fucking guy and he gets lucky as hell, when you dont.

So that leaves us with That Fucking Guy. Not This Fucking Guy, THAT Fucking Guy. The holy of all holy when it comes to just straight forward being that fucking guy. Hard to explain, easy to understand.
Look at that fucking guy. He won the lottery, went to vegas and spent all his money on blow and hookers. Just when we thought he wasnt that fucking guy anymore, we found out he got so fucked up he met a drunk indian that showed him a secret underground ancient vault with billions of dollars in pristine gold artifacts.

That Fuckin Guy...
by c0deezy November 25, 2009
The girl that comes down on vacation and has a plan to let the pipe be laid on her by a local guy.

Sceezers usually roll in packs. They tend to go on vacation to the beach, and screw local surfers, lifeguards, and cabana boys. Most common destinations include :

Anywhere in mexico, any tropical island, and most commonly found coming to florida. The most extreme sceezers are found in the gulf coast panhandle. Panama city beach, santa rosa beach, miramar beach, destin, and pensacola beach.
Dude, we are totally goin to PCB this year to hook up with some total sceezers!

That Brooke was a total sceezin ass bitch, i did my thing, then she went and gave kaleb a BJ ten minutes later!
by c0deezy November 25, 2009
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