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a homosexual maneuver, when guy A is standing up (with a boner of course) and guy B puts his head in between guy A's legs sucking his dick, but guy B's dick is also in guy A's ass. usually guy B has to be a midget or more politically correct a "little person" for this maneuver to occur. commonly referred to as the "human diaper."
c'mon now, just because you're younger than me and you're my brother doesn't mean we cant do a samurai tuck
by c force April 10, 2007
1. to get into a vehicle and go somewhere

2. to go somewhere period, not necessarily by car but usually
"yo man you tryin to murdle up real quick and go get butts?"
by c force April 01, 2007
to get into a car and leave a certain place
"yo you tryin to murdle up real quick to go get butts"
by c force March 27, 2007
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