2 definitions by byron whiteson ii

The act of "pulling" out or scrapping an email that gets out of control.

To cancel sending, rewrite or re-word a potentially nasty email
Jane went from writing a dear boss letter to FUCK YOU boss, but before sending luckily performed a quick email interuptus
by byron whiteson ii January 25, 2010
When something annoying seeks to invade your sanity such as an announcer who repeats a phone # four times, a dog barking all day or listening to Greta Van Susterin.

Whatever it is that seeks to seriously aggravate your hearing or listening.
Jon: I can't stand listening to those commercials on the Buffalo radio. The announcer thinks were dumb by repeating the phone # like 10 times over
Jan: Bloody ear terrorism !
by Byron Whiteson II August 24, 2009

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