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1) Being unbearably hot or humid, to the point of complaining and whining.
Fade: Dam man this place is hotter then a whore house on nickel night!
The Buddy: I know someone needs to crank on the AC
by byBeardofZeus September 07, 2010
1) The physical and mental state reached after the consumption of one to many drinks
2) Beaten physically
Budda: Dam this party is tight!
Pest: I dont know man, I'm more torn up then a turned over tackle box
by byBeardofZeus September 07, 2010
One who slayeth the Ratchet female type.
Bro 1: Yo bro whose your buddy that takes down all the beezys in the club?

Bro 2: That's Cory, they call him the Ratchet Slayer. His tool box is always full of ratchets.
by byBeardofZeus June 27, 2014

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