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1 definition by by jun 12, 2009

another epic fail appearance.

major problem is: dont ever make a real movie based on a anime story. it will never work. not in 1000 years.


if youre a true fan of db, don't watch this movie, you will die.

almost no one had gone to the cinemas.(only f41l0rs)

no one will buy the dvd.

torrents are allready dead cuz it sucked so hard.

real dragonball fans want to forget that this movie was ever produced.

DB evolution is not over 9000.
a: whats the worst movie idea in 2009?

b: dragonball evolution! how much fail can the world take untill it breaks...

a: well i guess the limit is reached soon O_o
by by jun 12, 2009 June 12, 2009
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