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A penis, especially an erect one. Heard in the Naked Gun series of movies. So named because of the tendency of the glans to turn purplish-pink when engorged with blood.
She moaned as he thrust his purple-headed warrior into her quivering mound of love pudding.
by bws55 August 27, 2007
A man who is exceedingly cowardly; a person having no backbone or fortitude. Superlative of pussy.
I can't believe that J.D. Drew says he's hurt and can't play AGAIN! What a big flapping vagina.
by bws55 August 27, 2007
An uncircumcised penis. So named because of the resemblance between the puckered-up foreskin at the end of the flaccid penis and the sucker mouth of a lamprey.
Antonio's uncut - he's got big old lamprey in his pants.
by bws55 August 27, 2007
A superlative form of "pussy", referring to a weak, cowardly or excessively whiny. Can also be used as a verb - flapping one's vagina.

See also big flapping vagina.
I don't care if you're hurt - get back in the game, you flapping vagina.

Verb form:
Person 1 - I don't feel like going out tonight. I've got a ton of things to do, and I have a headache, and the bars are too smoky, and I don't have any clean clothes, and....
Person 2 - Your vagina is flapping - get ready and LET'S GO!
by bws55 September 28, 2007
Superlative of "twat" - a person that exhibits extra twattitude. May also refer to an effeminate gay male who happens to be a twat.

Look at that twattina, dancing in the cage in his underwear.
by bws55 August 27, 2007
Relatively self-explanatory - the mound of fat, found usually in women but sometimes in men - over the crotch in very obese people. Also spelled crotch fat.
My high school librarian had some serious crotchfat - I don't know how she can even fit in her pants.
by BWS55 February 11, 2008
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