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When a man is eating out a woman and goes to deep. It looks as if the vagina is eating the mans face. Talk about Irony! The best way to eliminate embarassment, or decrease the amount of it is to Punch her in the leg so the muscles loosen up and you can make a quick get away.
After Orphus Chugging,Ryan stayed home from school for a week.
by bv dell June 05, 2005
When a man can suck his own penis without the removal of ribs. This task,if completed, is most embarrasing in a public area such as the school library.
We couldnt hold in the laughter, Ryan was Bendodicking right in front of us.
by bv dell June 05, 2005
When two or more freinds Pump the Python into a freinds Clam Chowder or Cum Chowder. This Technique works best in Rhode Island Clam Chowder, where the broth is clearer and less chunky. Not telling your buddy, you watch trying not to make a peep. As he takes a gulp try not to laugh or it will ruin the trick in its Enterity.
Watch watched hysterically as Ryan gulped the Cum Chowder.
by bv dell June 05, 2005

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