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Crude joke or prank.
1) Pull out some dollar bills (any denomination) from your wallet.
2) Stick them one by one in your pants and rub your genitalia with it. (preferably after you have been doing some extraneous activity that causes the area to sweat)
3) go to a gas station to purchase an item with the "cock dollars"
4) After your purchase and the exchange of your "cock dollars", you have the satisfaction that the clerk has "your nut sack juices" in his/her hands.
We used slightly moist cock dollars to purchase the munchies for us and the gas for the pinto-mobile.
by buzz122 July 09, 2009
Typically used as a noun to describe one who is stupid, retarded or an absolute idiot; a person that the world could live without, in fact, would rather benefit from the lack of this person.
Also can be used to describe a person of major disgust or repulsiveness.
One who lowers the standards of the average educational levels; anyone ranks in the bottom 20% of education levels.
That hern, the 300lbs. fat bitch on a motorized scooter wearing a tube top and boy shorts, at the (local big box value store), was stuffing her shopping cart with 10 packages of bacon next to the 2 liter bottles of diet soda.
by buzz122 July 09, 2009

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