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someone who thinks they are the better than you
i wouldnt bother trying to pull her, shes a big time
by buzz May 27, 2004
Huge douche bags
Delaware County Christian School are a bunch of huge douche bags.
by Buzz October 15, 2003
A syntax of tony sapranos' daughter that pinballs around the OAR demanding attention and affirmation as top gash.
Inspector I: Hey what's up meadow?
Meadow: How does my hiney look in these jeans? Rub my back.

Inspector I: Go see Joe meadow.
Meadow: Don't call me meadow. You're weird
by buzz March 02, 2004
Santa hater. One who hates Santa Claus.
Pnb busted that mall santa's head right open.
by Buzz March 03, 2005
Drunk. Having lost time with no recollection. Creatively blonde.
I really pulled a Toadie this weekend!
by Buzz February 09, 2005
a bunch of pussies who suck at football
All Pittsburgh Steelers fans are all band wagon fans. One year they think kordel is MVP, th next they run him out of town.
by buzz November 25, 2003

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