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5 definitions by buttmusket

A complete waste of life and money. Another 18 year old girl white girl who thinks she can sing but cant and spends all her money on auto tune. Also seems to follow a lyric pattern of hate men love men which is the basis of most other country music as well now a days.
Damn Taylor Swift must be broke, she puts all her money into autotune. i think she should just give up she sounds like a raspy monkey jerking off and flinging poop all over the place.
by buttmusket July 23, 2009
An online browser based civilization clone whos ad campaign has no hint as to what the game actually is. Tits sell. Play secretly.
Did u see the tits on that videogame ad for evony? Its gotta be a fuck a hooker game!!
by buttmusket July 23, 2009
an ignoramus of the highest order
That bible thumper on the corner wouldnt shut up about how god is the only certainty in this world so i reported him to the cops for disturbing the peace
by buttmusket July 23, 2009
A large fat roll covering the whole of a females sexual anatomy
"Ew did you see that 90 lb cuntbumper on that drivers ed teacher how does she even sit in the passengers seat damn!!"
by buttmusket July 23, 2009
When either a home or a piece of property (etc. lawnmowers, tires, even vehicles to some extent) have been left unattended for such a long period of time that nature has finally overtaken the area. This is usually seen in more southern states.
Those worn out tractor tires in Jethro's lawn have been sitting there for so long that they got grassblasted. It looks like you could feed a whole barn full of cows with whats growing out of them!
by buttmusket August 04, 2009