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Asian Americans born to a traditional Asian family have it difficult. Although they are exposed to freedom of speech, freedom to choose and well freedom to everything, they cannot exercise their freedom to their full extent.
It is difficult for Asian American children to see their peers having the liberty to choose a college fit for their personality, or fit for their own career goals and at the same time having their parents supporting them.
Restrictions are not only placed on academics but also on their child's personal life. Asian parents wish to control every aspect of their child's life. The reasoning behind this maybe because they want their child to do better than everyone else. However, they do not realise that to do better than everyone else does not mean that they will be happy. To asian parents, happiness can only be achieved by satisfying conditions like a to-do list. *check examples below*. One can understand that they have more experience than a child has, but that does not mean they can push the children through a "short cut" in life and not allow the child to experience the same mistakes and the same problems their parents went through.
To-do list for happiness according to asian parents.
1) Go to a good college
2) Get married
3) Good self image

of course these to-do lists have sub-to-do lists.

1) Go to a good college
a) go to a good high school

b) get good grades

c) do an insane amount of extra curricular activities
2) Get married
a) conditions for a perfect partner
-has to be asian
-has to have good job
-has to have parents who have respectable jobs


b) parents approve this person (or preferably, pick this person)

c) no dating basically - since you only date for a reason - which is to get married - therefore people who do not fit the asian parents' requirements are a waste of time.
3) Good image
a) no back-chatting parents

b) over look personal problems instead of working them out.

c) don't do things that do not benefit this list. ie. going on the computer for non-work-related things or watch tv.

by butthetruthis December 30, 2010

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