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21 definitions by butthead

An Urban S'more is a five-some consisting of an extremely large white skinned fluffy as the marshmallow center, surrounded by two creamy chocolate sistas, held firmly together with a cracker on each side - preferably named Graham.
The Graham boys found the right ingredients for an Urban S’more!
by ButtHead November 11, 2013
a male who likes to be active in anal sex
patrice is a total turdtamper, my asshole still hurts
by butthead June 06, 2007
A useless person, N.A. equivalent of wanker, or tosser.
Dubya is a dick smasher
by Butthead November 24, 2005
Another euphemism, very old in English, for the male genitalia.
My wife rode the shaggy horse 'til it puked.
by butthead April 29, 2006
either the toilet most usually
or sometimes the penis itself
and sometimes urinating itself
my wazzer will be angry if ud doesn't add this
by butthead August 01, 2008
best friend of deepa who is sooo cool.
always there wen u need him and always understanding.Will never leave deepa.he loves deepa and deepa loves fareed and no1 will ever break their friendship.
"did u see fareed??" --- "i wish i had a bestfriend like him!"
by Butthead April 17, 2005
A Furbert orgy. An freakish lifestyle group.
I just finished picking out the pink lint from my crack from last night's Furball.
by Butthead February 06, 2005