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4 definitions by buttermymonkey

A guy that has let his nice physique and good looks go to his head-once that happens, all brain cells are non-existent.
That cha chi over there actually thinks I want to talk to him-I wonder how long it will be before he gets his ass kicked.
by buttermymonkey July 27, 2002
69 34
The best of the kind
That stuff we was smokin' last night was the diggity dank
by buttermymonkey July 27, 2002
49 21
A cheesy dance that was popular in the late 80's
At the school dance, Tonya and I were smurfing all night!
by buttermymonkey July 27, 2002
9 35
the putrid drip of stanky sweat from your lower back through your butt cheeks
Baby? Is that love juice dripping between yo' thighs or do you gots monkeybutt?
by buttermymonkey July 11, 2002
37 100