14 definitions by butler butt clogger

The act of inserting one's penis into a toaster oven in order to obtain a darker penis.
I heard that the girls are now into darker skin, so I gave my sh-long a toaster job!
by Butler Butt Clogger September 13, 2011
The sensation one gets after a good pinch of Skoal or Copenhagen chewing tobacco, similar to being buzzed.
Man, that Skoal Wintergreen gave me some intense Chewphoria!
by Butler Butt Clogger February 08, 2012
When a man has intercourse with a nasty, rank, woman's vagina and proceeds to not shower within a 5 hour period, therefore causing his dick to smell like a rotten fish.
Jeff suffered from some mean Trouser Trout after that night with the lot-lizard!
by Butler Butt Clogger February 08, 2012
Shitting of excessive diarrhea, usually induced by foreign foods.
After eating Chinese last night, I was shitting like a Wild Comanche all night, I could have practically shit through a screen door!
by Butler Butt Clogger October 18, 2011
When a urinating male spits out a lugy over the toilet and attempts to suck said lugy back into his mouth after it has touched the piss water.
Jim performed a picture perfect Golden Anteater in our bathroom yesterday, and now he is currently being treated for E.coli.
by Butler Butt Clogger March 31, 2011
When you shit a long turd out that goes down the toilet bowl, but is still long enough to protrude out of the water.
Man I iceberged that last shit, go take a look, I haven't flushed yet, bring your camera
by Butler Butt Clogger October 18, 2011
a nasty, hairy vagina.
After she took her pants off, I then said, if I wanted to see Chewbacca, I would've watched Star Wars.
by Butler Butt Clogger October 11, 2011
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