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When a person, especially a depressed person, purposefully clicks a "mine" in the computer game Minesweeper.
Chris was getting bored on his computer, so he committed minesweeper suicide and went to watch TV.

Instead of cutting her wrists, Marnie just committed minesweeper suicide over and over.
by busrider May 25, 2007
a person whose family has known your family for an extremely long time and whose history you know so well you might as well be related (even though you technically aren't).
Amy's parents grew up with her best friend Kate's parents, so Kate and Amy are pseudo-cousins.
by busrider May 16, 2007
noun, a sexual innuendo.

formed from a contraction of the words "sexual" and "innuendo"
Most pick-up lines are sindos.
by busrider June 08, 2007

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