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A bullshit politically correct term for fat chicks. It stands for "Big Beautiful Woman" and it is, essentially, an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a big beautiful women, unless you have low standards, which I just don't have myself.

There are a number of people who have the misconception that fat women are nicer than thin women. They will learn quickly how wrong this is. Fat women are every bit as manipulative, arrogant, and selfish as any thin woman you hate. What's the difference? The difference is that thin women are pleasing to look at when their ass is showing or when they wear belly shirts. Fat women, on the other hand, are not pleasing to look at in any situation.
Guy reading newspaper: Young woman looking for nice, young man. Has a little bit of meat in the sides.

*Guy goes to meet this women*

Guy: Holy fucking hell! You have a little bit of meat like the sun has a little bit of heat!
by BusinessMan February 22, 2005
Quite possibly the most uninhabitable country since Canada (no, that's just a joke because I hate Canadians and Canada so much...).

Everything that sucks about Sweden:
1)The taxes are mind-blowing
2)It's run by a communist government
3)There is no other country on Earth that gives such power to feminazis
4)There is no other country on Earth that has so many brain dead politicians

And the list goes on and on! It doesn't ever seem to stop! I could probably write a novel on how many bad things there are about Sweden. However, to make things fair, here are all the good things about Sweden.

Everything that rocks about Sweden:
1)The landscape looks kind of nice
2)Not overpopulated

And that's pretty much all I can think of. I can probably count the number of good things about Sweden on my fingers. Basically, this country can be summarized in two categories, "too little of everything good" and "too much of everything bad".
Sweden: You wouldn't want to live there after living in a better place, such as anywhere else in the world, but it would be nice for a visit. Well, maybe not.
by BusinessMan April 25, 2005
That....country....that resides....somewhere in Europe.

They have great people, great landmarks, and have great living conditions!

Surgeon General Warning: Above conditions have been imagined. Such remarks about Finland may not actually be true.

However, one thing you can definitely count on is that people will treat you like a brother, no matter what race you are.
Um, people? Santa Claus or "Saint Nicholas" was Turkish, not Finnish.
by BusinessMan July 17, 2005
There are two types of feminists.

Type #1) The kind who just wants true equality. Unfortunately, their conception of "equality" usually include something along the lines of "women should get health benefits" instead of, oh say, something like "women AND men should get health benefits". While they do try to include men sometimes, it's usually in an afterthought.

The best example of this can be observed in politically moderate areas. They may be difficult to find and you can find some of their books on Amazon or eBay. Do not try to buy their books in stores as they have been pushed into obscurity by the more radical feminists.

Type #2) The kind that seems to be everywhere and has so much political power that it could make anyone with half a brain sick. Their demand for equality does not ever include men unless it's along the lines of "ALL female workers should be paid as much as men (especially the CEOs...)". These kind of feminists are the ones that conservatives target and they're usually the ones called "man-hating lesbians". Of course, I'm not saying it's not true because it is (please refer to Eve Ensler).

While it is often argued that these feminists are only a small fraction of feminism, it does often seem like they're the only kind. They're the kind to which one would refer to as feminazi and they're the same kind who use their gender to get impunity against the law while hollering that they're empowered. These are the same kind that has Hollywood, television, and politics in some kind of an iron grip. They're also the kind to be hypocritical most of the time (such as complaining that they get death threats for their work while sending death threats to the Type #1 feminists for their work).

The best example of this kind of feminist can pretty much be observed everwhere, but they're most prevalent in states such as California or Massachusetts. However, it doesn't matter really. You can pretty find them anywhere on TV or anywhere in Austrailia, Sweden, or pretty much any college in a western country.

While I have stated two types of feminists, there are really no good feminists. Hopefully, they will disappear someday and the divorce rate will go down to something respectable.
Gloria Steinem: Hello, my loyal vaginas! We have taken over all sorts of sports already and we must now head for men's only golf clubs while at the same time making sure that women's exclusive clubs do not have to admit men!

Feminists working at NOW: Yes, our Fueher!
by BusinessMan April 24, 2005
It means "Super Size Big Beautiful Woman".

In other words, it is a type of person that is comparative to Big Foot. To better understand:

People say they've seen Big Foot. People say they've seen SSBBWs.

People give vague pictures of Big Foot. People give vague descriptions of SSBBWs.

In both case, neither have been spotted.
Whoa, was that a SSBBW? I should take a picture! But what intelligent individual will believe me that an morbidly obese woman could be beautiful?
by BusinessMan July 17, 2005
The BBW are a species of women who are comparable to the dinosaurs. You see, at one time, millions of years ago during the ice age, there was a slim chance one may encounter a BBW, instead of the usual hideous fat woman.

However, the SSBBW is more comparable to Big Foot. Not merely because their shoe size are beyond human imagination, but because of their status as a possible species. People say SSBBW exists, but we don't see them. Some claimed they have witnessed them, but could offer no reasonable proof. Those who present a picture usually give something dubious. In the case of Big Foot, the picture is blurred or is merely a shadow. In the case of the SSBBW, the picture is comprise entirely of her stomach.

Truly more research is needed to find these "Super Size Big Beautiful Women".
Holy shit! That's not a regular, horrendously overweight fat woman! It's the SSBBW! I should capture it because I would surely fetch a good price since it's been reputed to be a fairy tale!
by BusinessMan July 07, 2005

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