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Once upon a time during the era of Nintendo's mega-popular console, the NES, there was a company named Konami.

This company had a developer named Hideo Kojima, who became the main face for Konami's most popular games at the time. Castlevania, Metal Gear, Contra, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All popular among gamers and all go on to have popular sequels.

Although they lay dormant (with the exception of a Castlevania and TMNT game) during Nintendo's godlike SNES days, they exploded onto the scene at maximum velocity on the PSX.

Along with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (highly acclaimed by fans and critics), they also released Metal Gear Solid, which revolutionized games by improving the concept of cinematic gaming beyond anything developers had done before (including SquareSoft). Along with these titles, Konami created many excellent series such as Winning Eleven, Dance Dance Revolution, Silent Hill, Suikoden, and Vandal Hearts.

However, it is even here that one can see the foreshadowing of Konami's future. On the N64, they released their first 3D Castlevania, but it turned out to be a failure. This failure was made all the more painful by the fact that their PSX Contra games were also failures.

Finally, with the arrival of the PS2, Konami unleased onto the world Metal Gear Solid 2...and it marked the beginning of the end. While a commercial success and received well by many critics, it was quickly realized that the success came from love of the original Metal Gear Solid on the PSX. This was made apparent when Metal Gear Solid 3 was released. It is all too obvious that your game is a failure when it sells for $10 to $20 on eBay while it is still $40 to $50 in stores.

The same situation occured for their other series, Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2 sold well due to timing and brand name, but Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4 didn't fare nearly as well. In addition to these failures, there existed a problem of Konami continuously porting games a long time after they're already released (usually on PS2) on other consoles.

Now when you release a game, then it is good if you port it something like 4-5 or less months later. However, porting a game something like a year later is, surprisingly, not good. You see, by then, excitement over the game has died off. Also, if you plan on remaking an older game, you might want to try actually REMAKING it. See, Capcom's Resident Evil remake on the GameCube is a good idea of a remake. The graphics/gameplay/EVERYTHING changes somewhat. Taking a game, updating the graphics and adding changes from it's sequel doesn't constitute a good remake, unfortunately.

Also unfortunate is that Konami doesn't seem to be showing any indication of stopping. Some good news is that the new Castlevania on the PS2, which is 3D, is much better than the N64 one. In lieu of all the bad news, though, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Hopefully, Konami will clean up their act and improve their games, but for now, it seems like they're really depending on the Metal Gear Solid and Suikoden fanbase.
Konami: Long ago, they were one of the most consistently brilliant companies ever.
by BusinessMan April 17, 2005

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PETA stands for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" and, frankly, they are a bullshit organization that attempts to "liberate" animals.

Nobody in their right mind likes PETA. You see it all the time. Only liberals, bullshitting politicians, feminists, and general conformist morons like PETA. Everyone else hates them or don't give half a damn. South Park, Maddox, and even The Onion makes fun of them.

The aforementioned people has a good reason to make fun of PETA too. Here are a number of reasons why no one should like PETA:

1.PETA is the same organization that funds Earth Liberation Front (ELF), a terrorist group that has already committed several crimes, including murder. When questioned about the funding, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said that she considered Rodney Coronado, who was part of ELF and had been convicted in firebombing Michigan University, to be a fine young man.
2.PETA is the same organization that killed Keiko, the killer whale that starred in the movie "Free Willy". In an attempt to free Keiko, they turned their backs on the fact that he is not used to wild life. Soon, he was discovered at another harbor performing tricks. They tried to "liberate" him again, but the result was that he went somewhere else where there was humans (Norway last I heard). So rather than letting him live a long, luxurious life in showbiz, PETA managed to mess it up for him and let him died in captivity in Norway.

And these are just the examples that infuriates me the most. If someone is an animal lover and don't wish to see animals kill, but NO ONE can say that they like PETA without being labeled an asshole. PETA is a hypocritical organization that supports terrorists, fascist laws, and even the FBI has looked into them.

I am glad that the vast majority of people will never listen to their bullshit. For the people who do like PETA, though, they deserve no mercy. With all of the scandals surrounding PETA, the only way a person could think they are the good guys is if they're willfully ignorant.
Liberal Asshole: I am only eating vegetables so that I can limit the suffering of animals!

Man: You know, millions of animals are killed by combines. If you plant your own vegetables, you'll limit the suffering even more!

Liberal Asshole: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Now that is way TOO inconvient for me! I think I'll just stay this way, thank you. Go PETA!
by BusinessMan February 22, 2005

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A personality trait that allows a person to disconcern the obvious from what they see or do. Unfortunately, too many people lack this basic personality trait and it leads them to make stupid decisions which they pathetically try to justify. Their are also people who lacks common sense and is, for some reason, proud of it.

Most common type of people who lack common sense: Liberals, feminists, school kids, family court judges, judges presiding over litigation cases, fatasses who blame their obesity on others, most of Hollywood, PETA activists, morons who blame their parents when they fuck up, etc etc.
Common Sense - Washing your hands on a certain basis to avoid illness.

No Common Sense - Walking across the street in the face of oncoming traffic during a green light.


Common Sense - Going to college in preparation for adult life.

No Common Sense - Having premarital sex without protection.
by BusinessMan May 15, 2005

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A feminist play that supposedly "shows the power of women". The problem is that "the power of women" includes the raping of little girls, vulgar language, and obscene questions. You don't believe me? Look up "Vagina Monologues" on Google and you'll see all about it.

The Vagina Monologues is an extremely offensive play where a bunch of feminist lesbians attempts to liberate women through the frequent usage of "vagina". Hell, even the playwriter (Eve Ensler) looks like a fucking feminist lesbian.

One of the more famous example of how fucked up this play is when they showed it at Madison Square Garden (imagine that....Madison Square Garden...) for the reason of "stopping violence against women". Here's how they did it: They showed a lesbian raping a little girl who then laters says that she is no longer a heterosexual, but is a liberated lesbian.

Maybe my logic is just screwed up, but wouldn't THAT promote violence against women? You know, raping a girl who then decides that she likes it?

To make all of this worse, we also have a bunch of dumbass women who supports this shit. Unsurprisingly, most of those women are college students. Some of which calls of themselves feminists while others just call themselves normal women. The difference is that the latter is lying while the similarity is that both are dumbasses.

Frankly, I'm sick of shit like this. Why the hell is it that something like this is allowed?? I can guarantee anyone that if a man did this, he would be crucified and in jail. However, what do the women who are currently doing this play get? They get awards, international acclaim, and even prestigious compliments from actors/actresses such as Glenn Close.

The worse that hit them was from FOREIGN authorities and even that wasn't much. Uganda banned the play and threatened arrest, China banned it a few times, Malaysia banned it too. That wasn't all, though, even a few US Catholic colleges banned it. I couldn't find a single case where they organizers of the play was hit with anything even remotely punishing and they even threatened to sue!

The fact that mostly Asian places have banned this place is an outrage. Western countries seemed to have accepted this vulgar trash and even acclaimed it. If I were to do research on this play, I would probably find praises from Britan, Austrailia, and other places like that.

America should be ashamed for accepting this shit. It should be ashamed for allowing it to be played at places such as Madison Square Garden. It should be ashamed that the play's catchphrase ("Vagina") was used to encourage women to vote ("Vagina Vote", anyone?). Most importantly, it should be ashamed that the women who set this up is still walking the streets free.
Guy 1: Did you see that play "The Vagine Monologues" at the local college?

Guy 2: Fuck no! Fuck that feminist lesbian, Eve Ensler!
by BusinessMan February 22, 2005

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The traditional method of whores who are too fucking stupid to use less murderous methods to control birth, such as a condom. Bullshit such as "it was the hardest thing I ever did!" usually follows, but she usually has no problem doing it AGAIN!

Feminists like to argue that banning abortion is against women's rights (women's rights include murder?) and it would make them turn to back alley abortion, which has a high risk of death. Well, who's to say that the latter wouldn't be for the better?

Of course, this wouldn't be so bad if abortion were limited to rape cases, incest, or possible death of the mother, but that obviously isn't so. Hell, with the abortion rate being over a million a year in North America ALONE, you would have to be a moron to think so.
There has been over 40 million abortions since Roe vs Wade.
by BusinessMan April 22, 2005

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God's gift to women would be their breasts. After all, unlike two other attractive anatomical areas, the breasts are clearly visible, they can be augmented, and best of all, you can stare at them while the woman babbles about nothing.
Women with B cups or smaller: God have clearly condemned you. Go get implants.

Women with C cups or bigger: God have clearly blessed you. Go make me a sandwich.
by BusinessMan July 07, 2005

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There are basically three kinds of body builders.

Male - Of course the most famous and easy to imagine. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the quintessential image of this body builder.

Child - Freaky little kids. There's not many, but the most famous is probably Richard Sandrak. At age 12, he has the body of Tom Cruise. At the rate he's going, he might be the next Arnold.

Female - Women that generally gets the exclamation "holy hell!". I do not know any famous female body builders and I honestly don't want to. Looking at pictures of them frightens me. Not because they have big muscles, but because they literally look like men. I don't even know why they bother wearing bras as there is literally NOTHING there! And if their breasts are like that, then you can't help but shudder at the mental image of what might be DOWN THERE!

Either way, body builders are rare because, well, of who they are. Not only is that kind of body extremely difficult to maintain, but it's also ridiculous to have. You want a body that enables you to jog 3 miles without stopping, not a body that makes you exhausted after walking up the stairs. Supposedly, this is the case with body builders. Their bodies are so heavy and bulky that they have trouble moving.

Aside from that, though, body builders are...how should I put this....hideous. Not just the females, but all three types. The extreme bulk of the males (including children) makes them look deformed while the females....well, that part is obvious.

There are women who like those types of men and I guess I could understand, but man, it drives me up the wall when I hear of men who likes those kind of women. Well, whatever way they like it. Personally, I prefer a thin (or hell, even a chubby one) woman over a muscular woman.
Seems to me most of the men eventually end up in body building magazines, talk shows, body building shows or whatever while the women generally end up with the feminist ilk. The pay must be crazy!
by BusinessMan June 05, 2005

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