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Al Capone or Alphonse Capone is undoubtedly the most famous gangster in the world.

However, he is in NO way, shape, or form the most powerful who ever live. Most people believe he is the most powerful just because he is the most famous. Actually, there were many more gangsters who were more powerful than he was.

Also, he was not the most influential. Most sources believe Lucky Luciano is the most influential gangster who ever lived.

There are so many misconceptions running around Al Capone mainly, once again, because he is simply the most famous. If one were to take into account every gangster who ever lived and rank them according to power and influence, then Capone would rank very high, but he would be nowhere near the top. One's best bet on getting proper information about Al Capone is to read it from Wikipedia or CrimeLibrary.
Al Capone; the gangster Chicago still hates to this day.
by BusinessMan January 16, 2006
"Feminine" behavior would be the behavior that the culture one lives in standardized as "feminine". For example, playing with Barbie or watching romantic movies is what American culture would consider to be a "feminine trait", thus you have feminine trait if you live in America.

Of course, being feminine does not merely pertains to one's behavior, it is also including one's looks. For example, a female body builder would not be considered feminine in America (or anywhere in the world for that matter; try the Andromeda galaxy, ladies). Another example would be a male that sways his hips when he walks; that would be considered feminine in America (and most of the world also).

Once again, "femininity" is not merely limited to looks and behavior. Various other factors include clothing, personal belongings, sexual orientation, etc.
Wow, Ayumi Hamasaki is hotter the Sahara Desert! That's one classy, feminine woman!
by BusinessMan July 07, 2005
Arnold Schwazenegger is....half man, half governor.

He proves to be an unbeatable candidate. How does he prove this? By blasting the liberal left and get away with it! Even George W. Bush wouldn't be able to do that!

Only one man can make a remark that offends homosexuals and get away with it...

Only one man can have a history of sexual harassment and have women at his rallies holding up signs that says 'you can harass me any day!'...

Only one man can motivate people to vote in something other than the presidential election...

The Governator!
Governator: Gray Davis, I shall terminate you!

Gray Davis: All that ass-kissing and I get booted because of a popular movie star! Damn, I must have been a bad governor!

Average voter: Good job, genius. You spotted the problem years after the voters did.
by BusinessMan August 09, 2005
Multiple definitions:
1)The general word used to describe the entire pool of concepts such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, etc
2)The second most important thing to learn next to language. Math has an application in almost everything you do. Without math, the world would be a sad place.
3)An impressive concept which you could use to make dumb women think you're another Isaac Newton
4)What you become good at when you start sucking in English class
1)I got to go learn my math!
2)Alright, 25 - 13 is...
3)Ooohhhh, you're like Albert Einstein!
4)In middle school, I got B's in math and D's in English. In high school, I got D's in math and B's in English. What happened?
by BusinessMan May 04, 2005
The mainstream substitution for cocaine. Not necessarily safer, but the addictive component is 99.9% more potent, the high is 100x more fun, and the length is all the money you have.
Guy: Hah! The Internet is for nerds!

*After getting his new computer with Internet*

Guy: Holy shit, I can't stay away from the Internet!
by BusinessMan February 25, 2005
Once upon a time during the era of Nintendo's mega-popular console, the NES, there was a company named Konami.

This company had a developer named Hideo Kojima, who became the main face for Konami's most popular games at the time. Castlevania, Metal Gear, Contra, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All popular among gamers and all go on to have popular sequels.

Although they lay dormant (with the exception of a Castlevania and TMNT game) during Nintendo's godlike SNES days, they exploded onto the scene at maximum velocity on the PSX.

Along with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (highly acclaimed by fans and critics), they also released Metal Gear Solid, which revolutionized games by improving the concept of cinematic gaming beyond anything developers had done before (including SquareSoft). Along with these titles, Konami created many excellent series such as Winning Eleven, Dance Dance Revolution, Silent Hill, Suikoden, and Vandal Hearts.

However, it is even here that one can see the foreshadowing of Konami's future. On the N64, they released their first 3D Castlevania, but it turned out to be a failure. This failure was made all the more painful by the fact that their PSX Contra games were also failures.

Finally, with the arrival of the PS2, Konami unleased onto the world Metal Gear Solid 2...and it marked the beginning of the end. While a commercial success and received well by many critics, it was quickly realized that the success came from love of the original Metal Gear Solid on the PSX. This was made apparent when Metal Gear Solid 3 was released. It is all too obvious that your game is a failure when it sells for $10 to $20 on eBay while it is still $40 to $50 in stores.

The same situation occured for their other series, Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2 sold well due to timing and brand name, but Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4 didn't fare nearly as well. In addition to these failures, there existed a problem of Konami continuously porting games a long time after they're already released (usually on PS2) on other consoles.

Now when you release a game, then it is good if you port it something like 4-5 or less months later. However, porting a game something like a year later is, surprisingly, not good. You see, by then, excitement over the game has died off. Also, if you plan on remaking an older game, you might want to try actually REMAKING it. See, Capcom's Resident Evil remake on the GameCube is a good idea of a remake. The graphics/gameplay/EVERYTHING changes somewhat. Taking a game, updating the graphics and adding changes from it's sequel doesn't constitute a good remake, unfortunately.

Also unfortunate is that Konami doesn't seem to be showing any indication of stopping. Some good news is that the new Castlevania on the PS2, which is 3D, is much better than the N64 one. In lieu of all the bad news, though, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Hopefully, Konami will clean up their act and improve their games, but for now, it seems like they're really depending on the Metal Gear Solid and Suikoden fanbase.
Konami: Long ago, they were one of the most consistently brilliant companies ever.
by BusinessMan April 17, 2005
A personality trait that allows a person to disconcern the obvious from what they see or do. Unfortunately, too many people lack this basic personality trait and it leads them to make stupid decisions which they pathetically try to justify. Their are also people who lacks common sense and is, for some reason, proud of it.

Most common type of people who lack common sense: Liberals, feminists, school kids, family court judges, judges presiding over litigation cases, fatasses who blame their obesity on others, most of Hollywood, PETA activists, morons who blame their parents when they fuck up, etc etc.
Common Sense - Washing your hands on a certain basis to avoid illness.

No Common Sense - Walking across the street in the face of oncoming traffic during a green light.


Common Sense - Going to college in preparation for adult life.

No Common Sense - Having premarital sex without protection.
by BusinessMan May 15, 2005

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