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An RPG company that has founded its modern roots during the era of the NES/Master System. Almost at the end of its line, it decided to create an RPG which was appropriately named "Final Fantasy". However, the game founded a surprisingly popularity among gamers and the company found itself surviving. It went on to create Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III for the NES.

It is the days of the SNES to which many gamers say is when SquareSoft was at the pinnacle of talent for RPGs. During this era, they created Final Fantasy IV (praised for its epic story), Final Fantasy V (which perfectly the job system originally conceived in Final Fantasy III), and Final Fantasy VI (praised for its epic scope of gameplay). Also during this time, Square also created what many considered to be one of the finest RPGs ever conceived, Chrono Trigger. Included in their SNES string of successes was Secret of Mana, Bahamut Lagoon, Treasure Hunter G, and so on. It is also notable that their first and only collaboration with Nintendo has resulted in Super Mario RPG, which was well received by fans of both companies.

With the arrival of the N64/Saturn/PSX, Square had a falling out with Nintendo and they decided to work on the PSX. While they have created what is their most popular and most well known game to date on the PSX (Final Fantasy VII), it is widely considered that they were not as good as they were on the SNES due to their string of failures. Many sequels (Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VIII-IX) were considered to be inferior to their predecessors. However, their successes were well received. Games such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears, and Valkyrie Profile gave their reputation a tremendous boost despite their failures.

With the arrival of the next generation systems (PS2, GameCube, XBox). After the PS2 single-handed crushed Sega's DreamCast, Square soon followed later with Final Fantasy X. While FFX is a commercial success, it was plagued by criticism from time of release and is still considered to be inferior by many (especially fans of older Final Fantasies). This plus many other flops including The Bouncer, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (a movie), and Unlimited Saga helped to humble Square.

Later on during this generation, a mega announcement was made of Square merging with its long time RPG competitor, Enix. The new company became known as Square Enix and it quickly became known as RPG company supreme.

Also during this generation, Square Enix decided to branch out somewhat. They created their first direct sequel entitled "Final Fantasy X-2", made their first MMORPG called "Final Fantasy XI, collaborated with Disney for Kingdom Hearts, and many are speculating that Final Fantasy XII will make a triumphant return to the Final Fantasy roots of the SNES days. However, that remains to be seen. Included on Enix's side of things is the first 3D Star Ocean and Dragon Warrior.

Future new projects include many derivatives of Final Fantasy VII (most well known of which is Advent Children).
Square Enix: Most well known for Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and Star Ocean.
by BusinessMan April 16, 2005
That wife of yours who uses the Bible when it fits her needs.

When you bring up the sex issue, she uses the Bible to justify herself. If you point out the flaws in her logic, BAM! You're the devil! If you don't point out the flaws, well, you don't get sex anyway.
Man: You know, your logic is rather flawed.

Woman: Ahhhhh! You're Satan! No sex for you, Satan!
by BusinessMan February 24, 2005
The place containing the largest amount of morons and procrastinators around. Nothing give birth to the worst parts of America as much as high school. Anyone who will be anything in life hates high school because they didn't do anything in high school to make them like it.

Someone said it best: "Nothing ensure failure in life as well as happiness in high school."
Guy who almost commit suicide in HS : An executive at an accounting firm.

Guy was still mises HS : Lifts big boxes at some warehouse somewhere.
by BusinessMan May 01, 2005
High recommended when dealing with:
-Drug dealers

Not recommended when dealing with:
-Criminal females
-Criminal celebrities
-People who knows how to hide the evidence
-People who are actually innocent
Police: When we find the guy who robbed your house, we'll arrest him!

Man: Arrest him? Beat the living fuck out of him!
by BusinessMan May 01, 2005
Formerly one of the best soap opera for men EVER! That was before the story suddenly went bonkers and the WWE proved to be a federation of wussies, not men.

Their name used to be WWF (World Wrestling Federation), but due to a lawsuit from an organization with panda representation, they changed it to WWE. I just stopped watching after that. How could they possibly let a bunch of animals beat them? That's why we're humans. We eat animals like pandas, not bow to them.

Aside from that, all of my favorite wrestlers which I had known for years were beginning to disappear from the ring, so I stopped watching in order to keep my old fashion ideal wrestling image. It's great, except the latest wrestling game which I like to play is WWF No Mercy on the N64.
Stone Cold - The supreme bad ass

The Rock - The most charismatic man in sports entertainment

Gilbert - A Goldberg ripoff who is just hilarious

These are the wrestlers I remember.
by BusinessMan April 25, 2005
That strange place in your town that everyone believes people should go to, but no one actually goes to.
Guy: Hmm, today is Easter. Should I go to church or go buy my girlfriend something? Nah, I think I'll just sleep in.
by BusinessMan February 06, 2005
A highly expensive institution ran by fascist liberals. Ridiculously easy to get into, except for the stuck up ivy league college that doesn't really have anything special aside from its name.

The Pros:
-After four years of of bullshit, you'll get a piece of paper which will help you get a job
-Alcohol flows like water
-A higher concentration of easy women than in a ghetto
-Drugs are just a skip and a hop away

The Cons:
-After four years of of bullshit, you'll get a piece of paper which will help you get a job
-The professors are stuck up assholes
-The elitists (feminists, pro-gay supporters, etc) are stuck up assholes
-The liberal arts students are stuck up assholes
-The classes you are forced to take are bullshit
-The extreme work is bullshit

Basically, the cons outweight the pros, but you have no choice, but to go there. Fortunately, alcohol and drugs might help you through. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs might get you kick out.
Hmm, where to go to? Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, some private college near me, or my local community college?

Eh, some private college near me. It's closer, cheaper, and they all teach the same thing anyway.
by BusinessMan May 01, 2005

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