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55 definitions by businessman

What is perhaps the shittiest concept ever heard of.

Supposedly, the "wage gap" is about how American women are paid less than men for doing the EXACT same work. Anyone could see the flaws with this, but apparently, intelligent people still need to educate the morons.

Imagine this:
1) One man and one woman are doing the EXACT same work.
2) I pay the man $20 an hour, but I only have to pay the woman $18.

Look at it. Now perhaps someone can tell me why in the world I would hire a male if I could pay a female less for the same work? If they both worked 40 hours a week, then that translate to me saving over $4,000 for ONE WORKER every year if I exclusively hire females instead of males.

Keeping that in mind, lets say I have a company that can use 500 workers. If I were to exclusive hire females who all work 40 hour weeks for $18, then I could save over $2 million a year! Hiring males exclusively mean I would lose that saving even though both the males and females do the exact same kind of work!

So perhaps someone can explain this "wage gap". No one can? Then I'll explain it. IT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. As I have shown by example above, it makes absolutely no economical sense, yet there are so many morons out there who whole-heartedly believe in this obvious lie.

The problem with this "wage gap" is that moron researchers sometimes take the pay of EVERY man and EVERY woman, then they average it without taking into account the type of job. Other idiotic researchers won't take into account variables such as absenteeism. There's a whole bunch of fucking problems with the wage gap researching that has been done so far.

The biggest problem, however, is that dumbasses would rather listen to blatant propaganda rather than do their own research.
Female Employee: Why are you paid more than me? We do the same kind of work!

Male Employee: Wrong, bitch. You're absent most of the time.
by BusinessMan August 09, 2005
A program used to imitate another device. The most famous types are console/handheld emulators.

Emulators are often used to play games that are no longer in product, but nowadays, they are also emulating brand new systems. Examples are XBox, PS2, and GameCube emulators. While none works yet, all are beginning to play commercial games well while some other commercial games are played well already. However, the Gameboy Advance emulator came out BEFORE the actual handheld did and it emulated it excellently.

The biggest problems with emulator is speed and compatibility. Emulators need PC much more powerful than the actual system it's emulating in order to run at full speed. Also, some emulators tend to sacrifice compatibility for speed or vice versa.

Some notable things about emulators is that you need ROMs to use it. However, ROMs are completely illegal. The rumor that you can own a ROM if you own the original is false.
Man, emulators are kick ass! Everyone should at least have an SNES emulator!
by BusinessMan July 04, 2005
One of the many euphemisms for one's significant other, but it is used mainly for females.

Many believe its origin lies in the myth that women's gluteus maximus taste like Mead, which is a honey flavored wine. In all actuality, the female gluteus maximus tastes like ass.

Others believe that its origin lies with women's superficial, yet obsessive-compulsive disorder concerning their buttocks. Historians believe that it's possible husbands came up with this euphemism in order to hold up the illusion that their wives' bottom is still firm and admirable. The truth has been found to be contradictory to the illusion in the majority of cases.
Woman: Does this make my butt look fat?

Man: Of course not, honey buns!
by BusinessMan August 09, 2005
A penalty that is given to people who deserve it (i.e. murderers). Many have said that the death penalty is wrong. Yeah, well, I rather a bunch of murderers be executed than have to pay taxes that will support the prisons holding them.

I'm not particularly sure why, but the main thing usually said to me is "we have no right to condemn someone to death". This is the usual reason I hear for not supporting the death penalty, but it's ludicrous. The murderer obviously believes they have the right to condemn someone to death. Are others suppose to be "above" him and not stoop to his level? Yeah, whatever. Maybe I'm just one of those guys who don't like living alongside those kind of people.

Of course, many have also critized the Republicans for supporting the death penalty while being pro-life. Um, HELLO? You're comparing the murder of a BABY to the murder of a MURDERER! Notice the difference? Man, King Solomon must be rolling in his grave to hear a bunch of self-righteous assholes say shit like this.
I fully support the death penalty and I hope Congress change the "unlimited appeals" ability of death row inmates to only "three appeals". Better yet, also set a maximum time limit of one year instead of all this "10 years on death row" bullshit.
by BusinessMan April 22, 2005
Nintendo's newest console and the successor to the Nintendo 64. While it is superior to the N64 in many ways:

1)Mini-Disc format - Much more space than cartridges without sarcrificing loading time

2)Graphics card - The ATi card is AWESOME!

I had found it lacking in the game department when compared to its predecessor. I had absolutely loved Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time for the N64, but Super Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker left a bitter taste in my mouth. The only games on the GameCube which I truly love is Super Monkey Ball and Super Smash Brothers Melee.

For performance, the GCN is excellent, but I find it lacking in the games department.
What the hell happened, Nintendo? What happened to your winning Super Mario and Zelda streak? Why in the hell did you sell Rare? WHY?
by BusinessMan April 25, 2005
An RPG company that has founded its modern roots during the era of the NES/Master System. Almost at the end of its line, it decided to create an RPG which was appropriately named "Final Fantasy". However, the game founded a surprisingly popularity among gamers and the company found itself surviving. It went on to create Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III for the NES.

It is the days of the SNES to which many gamers say is when SquareSoft was at the pinnacle of talent for RPGs. During this era, they created Final Fantasy IV (praised for its epic story), Final Fantasy V (which perfectly the job system originally conceived in Final Fantasy III), and Final Fantasy VI (praised for its epic scope of gameplay). Also during this time, Square also created what many considered to be one of the finest RPGs ever conceived, Chrono Trigger. Included in their SNES string of successes was Secret of Mana, Bahamut Lagoon, Treasure Hunter G, and so on. It is also notable that their first and only collaboration with Nintendo has resulted in Super Mario RPG, which was well received by fans of both companies.

With the arrival of the N64/Saturn/PSX, Square had a falling out with Nintendo and they decided to work on the PSX. While they have created what is their most popular and most well known game to date on the PSX (Final Fantasy VII), it is widely considered that they were not as good as they were on the SNES due to their string of failures. Many sequels (Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VIII-IX) were considered to be inferior to their predecessors. However, their successes were well received. Games such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears, and Valkyrie Profile gave their reputation a tremendous boost despite their failures.

With the arrival of the next generation systems (PS2, GameCube, XBox). After the PS2 single-handed crushed Sega's DreamCast, Square soon followed later with Final Fantasy X. While FFX is a commercial success, it was plagued by criticism from time of release and is still considered to be inferior by many (especially fans of older Final Fantasies). This plus many other flops including The Bouncer, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (a movie), and Unlimited Saga helped to humble Square.

Later on during this generation, a mega announcement was made of Square merging with its long time RPG competitor, Enix. The new company became known as Square Enix and it quickly became known as RPG company supreme.

Also during this generation, Square Enix decided to branch out somewhat. They created their first direct sequel entitled "Final Fantasy X-2", made their first MMORPG called "Final Fantasy XI, collaborated with Disney for Kingdom Hearts, and many are speculating that Final Fantasy XII will make a triumphant return to the Final Fantasy roots of the SNES days. However, that remains to be seen. Included on Enix's side of things is the first 3D Star Ocean and Dragon Warrior.

Future new projects include many derivatives of Final Fantasy VII (most well known of which is Advent Children).
Square Enix: Most well known for Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and Star Ocean.
by BusinessMan April 16, 2005
Kick-ass claymation cartoon from long ago! It's about this strange clay boy and his clay horse who goes around doing stupid things. They sometimes save people, they sometimes save each other, or they just BS around doing nothing.

It's no longer showing, I believe, but when it did, it was one of the funniest shows around! Especially when you watch it as an adult.
Gumby is the clay equivalent of a PCP-addicted teenager.
by BusinessMan February 06, 2005