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55 definitions by businessman

One of the best website to read fanfiction. It used to be MUCH, MUCH better than it is today, but there was a number of unexplained or stupid decisions.

Decisions such as reinventing the search system when it was already good. Now you'll be lucky if any search you make with more than one word come up with accurate results. Other decisions include taking away NC-17 rating, banning stories about real life people, and banning stories that doesn't fit a certain format. What's the point of "unleashing your imagination" if your imagination is restricted?

Also, there are a number of website problems there. The usual and least believable explanation is something along the lines of "server upgrade".

Despite this, people don't have much choice because FF.Net still has the most stories and the best interface.
Guy browsing FF.Net: Hmm, what? No more NC-17 stories because kids are reading it? JESUS CHRIST! So R-rated stories are BETTER?!
by BusinessMan February 06, 2005
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Short for "pre-nuptial". It is a document that you get BEFORE marriage. It exists for the purpose of protecting you in case of divorce.

It is for this reason that only fools don't get a pre-nup. Pre-nups are created to protect major assets such as a house or anything that gives you a lot of money. Pre-nups make it so that your wife doesn't take everything from you, including your testicles, in the event of a divorce (and with a 60%+ divorce rate, that's a pretty likely event).

Unfortunately, there are many courts who just throws out the pre-nups. Usually for any reasons too. They might throw it out because your kids are staying with the wife (and trust me, they will be awarded to her) or because you're successful or just because she's a lazy bitch who refuses to find a job. And if the court doesn't do it for the previous reasons, she can just make a false claim of abuse or just a fear of it. After all, they won't question her on it.

While pre-nups do get thrown out a lot, many courts also respect it. So just get the damn pre-nup. What do you have to lose? Besides protecting you, it will also reveal a lot about your wife if she refuses to sign it. If you're one of the fools who think your wife-to-be would just want a quiet divorce, then I hope you're not bitter when you takes you for everything you worked for your whole life.
It's funny, but a few decades ago, pre-nuptials were made to protect women against men in case of divorce.

It's ironic that men are the ones who want a pre-nup the most now.
by BusinessMan March 01, 2005
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Ameriskank is a famous blend of "American" and "Skank" that is most often used by politically incorrrect (i.e. anyone who isn't a political figure) MRAs or anti-feminist.

The origin of this term lies in the belief that the majority of western women are skanks. The reason "Ameri" was used instead if presumably because American women embodies this belief and because America is the most famous western country. Aside from that, it also has a catchier ring.
Guy A: Hey, those two chicks are looking at me? One looks Asian and the other is American. Who do you think I should go for?

Guy B: Go for the Asian girl. The only kind of women in America are Ameriskanks.
by BusinessMan August 09, 2005
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A female who is constantly on welfare mainly because she is lazy. She certainly has the ability to get a job, but she doesn't because she's lazy. She will make up excuses to justify her horrid behavior, but none cuts it.

Aside from that check she loves so much, it is also likely she is also getting alimony from her children's various fathers, child support payments which she never actually use on her kids, and there's a high chance she might be leeching off of some boyfriend who is idiotic enough to go with her.

The government could easily not waste taxpayers money by not giving her anything to begin with, but she will undoubtedly sue and claim sexual harassment. This is, of course, what she will say to the very end, even in front of a mirror where she knows she's lying the best.
Clairiss: I would go to work, except my emotional pain from my last love leaving me has left me incapacitated!

Passing person: Lying bitch!
by BusinessMan April 29, 2005
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The downloading or copying one a copyrighted item. Piracy is achieved through the use of P2P programs, such as Kazaa, Direct Connect, WinMX, BitTorrent, or etc. However, there are a few websites that legitimately offers pirated items.

Through piracy, everything short of nourishment and clothing can be achieved. You can pirate books, music, video games, movies, or software. However, there are a series of argument pertaining to piracy. Such arguments are:

1) Industries - Those bastards are stealing money from us. If we could stop piracy, prices would go down enormously and there would be more jobs due to more demand!

2) Pirates - If we couldn't pirate, we wouldn't buy your overpriced crap anyway! Who the hell is gonna pay $600+ for Photoshop or $200+ for new Windows OS? And "there will be more jobs", my ass! You'll most likely outsource jobs to India for more profit!

3) Litigious Jerk Offs - We'll have those pirating bastards on their knees in no time, but first, we have to find out the age of those we sue! Those goddamn idiotic American people gets all giddy eye every time we sue a little boy for downloading 50 Cent. If we don't, he's going to grow up to be a serial killer!

Basically, the argument boils down to the industries wanting more profit, pirates wanting to spend less, and litigious jerk offs wanting to make more money by suing everyone. So far, the industries are still making enormous profit because the vast majority of people don't know how to pirate. The pirates are still pirating because piracy is virtually impossible to stop. And the jerk offs had been blasted for suing several wrong people, but they managed to scare a lot of people off of Kazaa.
In the end, nothing changes.
by BusinessMan July 04, 2005
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The BEST day of the week! Most people seem to like Friday. Now, think about it. People like Friday because it's the day before the weekend. However, what if it was Friday everyday? Doesn't seem like much, huh?

On the other hand, Saturday is the best because the whole day is free and you don't have to worry about anything the next day like Sunday, so you can stay up all night.
It's Saturday Night Fever, not Friday Night Fever!
by BusinessMan February 06, 2005
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1) The place where a husband and wife separates. The presiding judge will decide how assets are split.

2) The same place where husbands will proceed to be raped financially. A prenuptial agreement or assets saved in foreign countries may save him, but there are times it may not.

3) The same place where women likes to pretend that they get it as difficult as men in divorce court. This is despite news about women being destroyed in court happens about once every blue moon whereas the opposite (men) can fill a page or two a week.

4) The same place where everybody gets a chance to be in bed with your wife. The judge will be there, her lawyer, your lawyer, and just about any passerby.
1) Madeline and John separated in divorce court.

2) John's house/car/kids/etc was taken by his wife, but he managed to saved about $135,000 by saving in a Bahamas account. Unfortunately, child support and alimony quickly depleted this money.

3) Madeline told the press her life is more difficult than before. She currently lives in a middle class house with expensive electronics, nice services, and she doesn't even work that much. Her husband, on the other hand, is living in an apartment somewhere in downtown.

4) The judge, lawyers, and passerbys had a great time.
by BusinessMan November 02, 2005
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