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If you guys had half a brain you would know that according to police statistics your girl is twice as likely to get raped in Manhattan. In fact, you are twice as likely to get mugged in the big shiny city as well. Now, the reason why I will not take any of you guys seriously is because I’ve lived in Bushwick for 3 years. My neighbors are the best - mostly artists, driven out from Williamsburg by these sweet-hearted people you like so much. Beside, if you look closely at statistics you’ll see that bushwick is not mostly black but mostly Hispanic and a growing population of Polish and Asian have set up shop here. My conclusion is that you are a bunsh of morons, the same type you will find reading cosmos while sipping on a $4 coffee and yes, the same type of halfwits who have been driving up real estate prices in shiny places to a sad reality.
halfwits who have been driving the real estate to its sad reality.

#bushwick #brooklyn #loft #east williamsburg #artists
by bushwick January 05, 2006
What happens when you have 4 liquid cocaines,3 "3hicks and a spic," 2 double shots of Grand Marnier on top of a six pack and drive your car and hit a damn stop sign and get a DUI and have to goto ASAP classes.
like i said
don't do this at home kids
by Bushwick August 24, 2003
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