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A guy that is a favorite among young people, blacks, those in Mid-level management as well as executives. The number one thing these people say is we need change. The next thing they say in a cult tone and glazed over look "It's time for a black President." It's not time for shit. Nothing is given to anyone. Either you are the best choice with the greater balance of experience and understanding or you are not. These people seem to think this is American Idol. With this stupid logic maybe it's time for a Chinese quarterback for the New York Giants. If he cannot play and has never even seen a football, who gives a shit, It makes me feel better.

To those that say, "It's time for a black President." I say this is not a game to employee naive motherfuckers cause they happen to be black, Jewish or whatever and it makes you feel good. This is the real deal. We got a naive son of a naive rich guy in the White House now. Replacing him with a naive Half black guy whose grew up in a Honolulu high rise isn't going to change anything. That's right, Mr. Ghetto grew up in a high rise owned by his white grandmother who was the Vice President of bank of Hawaii. She sent him to the best private school on the island. Before that he and his mother live with his Indonesian step-father who was an oil manager. I did not know managers of oil companies were poor. His Ghetto story is just another fairy tale just like his Ivy League mom being on food stamps. His grandfather owned a furniture store and sold it to manage another. That's Ghetto? This spoiled, whining brat has had a better life than most Americans.

Anyone that read his book would know his poor boy act is revisionist bullshit. He said in the book he played with the kids in the Ghetto in both Indonesia and Hawaii. At the end of the day Obama said he left their poverty and went back to his high rise and didn't really know what it was like to be poor. So basically you probably grew up poorer than Harvard Barack or his Ivy League mother. Anyone that has sympathy for this Lower-Upper class spoiled brat's life is the biggest sucker of all.
All these CEOs are for Obama. I guess all of a sudden rich people all love paying more in taxes and helping the poor. Funny their companies still think people can support a family on 7 bucks an hour or like to unburden them of their job by sending it to China or India. I am guessing Obama be as pro big business as Bush. All you have to do is check his doner list. Tons of excutives and companies giving 100s of thosands a piece and listed as bundlers. This is different from corporate donations how? Nothing but semanticist. Anyone that thinks you raise 20-55 million bucks a month 10 dollars at a time is a dumbass.
by bus chucker May 27, 2008

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