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Chipotle is way better than baja fresh. Baja fresh is just a bunch of salsa dumped on a taco shell with some meat. Chipotle gives you an over-stuffed delicious, nearly orgasmic, food experience that leaves you with a fulfilling stomach ache that lets you know that you've eaten well. Baja fresh isn't even fresh. Why do they say so? Their stuff comes in frozen bags. Yumm. Chipotle is so good. Way better than baja fresh. I would rather eat old taco bell than baja fresh. Baja fresh might even be a public health hazard. I don't know but it could cause cancer, or even premature fattness.

customer: yo could i get a burrito?

Baja Fresh: sure, here's some shit i found in the garbage can that Joe the homeless guy wouldn't even eat.

customer: That's disgusting. I'm going to chipotle. And I'm calling the FDA on you. You gross mofo.

Baja Fresh: Ahhh shit.
by burrito battle November 19, 2007

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