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Any import car (often bought for you on your 16th birthday by your mother) thats only mods are visual and/or audio. Typically, the owner spends most of their money on a paint job, some fancy stickers, a spoiler that doubles as a picnic table, and a sound system that when turned up all the way, could explode a human head (to bad they dont turn it up full blast eh?). The only mildly beneficial mod that is invested in these neon nightmares is the coffee can exhaust that adds an extra 5hp (making a grand total of 60hp. WOOHOO!). Then it is taken to the local drag strip, and dumped at the starting line by any random muscle car. The owner then is baffled as to why after spending that much money on their precious civic, it could still be that damn slow.
That stupid mofo put 40 grand in his moms civic and he still cant get its ass across the line in under 17 seconds.
by burrier September 21, 2004
a warning you give to a mo'fo thats been on your nerves for the longest time just before you blast thier ass wide open
BACK DOWN b'fo i gots to blast you mutha fucka!
by burrier March 24, 2004
A car built by the hardknocks for the hardknocks. These cars (mostly built between the 50's and the early 80's)have more HP and torque than 20 rice burners combined. With insperational designs and epic engines. Not to be confused with an import engine (which sounds way to much like the vibrators i commonly see on porn movies. NO, im talking about the earth trembling low pitch rumble of a V8.
If that kid werent such a stupid mother fucker, he would have spent his money restoring a muscle car. But instead, he somehow spent 50 grand on a muffler and a paint job for his moms honda.
by burrier September 21, 2004
A cute little ass that is small enough to fit in your pocket.
Yo man, check out that chicks pocket ass, it sho is fine
by burrier September 21, 2004
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