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1 definition by burqueboy

The only public high school in Albuquerque where white kids are the majority. La Cueva is undoubtedly the most hated school in Albuquerque. Stereotypically La Cueva's students are the richest, whitest and most spoiled kids of Albuquerque, and for the most part it is true. La Cueva kids often catch flack for being hard core drug addicts (simply because they can afford the good stuff). Though they tend to act stupid (especially the girls), most La Cueva students are fairly smart, often La Cueva is the only Public High School in Albuquerque to meet No Child Left Behind.
Jaunita: Do you see her? She has 3 Fendi Purses and a Silver Lexas!
Jose: Yeah, She must go to La Cueva
by burqueboy July 22, 2009