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A mythical creature that combines bro time with a hot and sexy (usually sassy or sarcastic) package. Basically the coolest person in the world combining sex appeal and slightly toned down bro behavior. Not to be confused with a bro hoe this girl may or may not be easy depending on a male or female view of sex and number of sexual partners. Can occur when fathers aren't given sons to pass on their knowledge to. Not to be confused with a lesbian that appears manly, the bro goddess must be at least straight leaning towards bisexual is an added bonus. Can be a great wingman when hunting a threesome. Not to be confused with butch the bro goddess appears to be a demure female in everyday situations until she speaks.
That Jessie chick, on the mountian bike, chugging a beer, giving me the finger? Oh she's the bro goddess for sure.
by buriedlemons April 23, 2010

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