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Originally opened as a "waiting space" for homeless men, the Secure Waiting Space is a Hennepin County funded overflow shelter operated by Catholic Charities. It is located at 1000 Currie Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

It houses around 150-200 men a night. The first floor of the shelter consists of thin mats on a floor, and the second floor is called Pay-for-Stay. Beds are around $4.00 a night, and men must be sober to stay on the second floor.

Shelter workers and case managers refer to Secure Waiting Space as "1000 Currie" or "Secure Waiting," but homeless people almost always call it tramp camp.
Where is Secure Waiting Space? Are you talking about tramp camp? Oh yah, now I know what you mean.
by burdgirl February 12, 2011
The name that homeless people use for Secure Waiting Space or Safe Bay, two overcrowded shelters for men, on Currie Avenue North, In Minneapolis, MN.
Damn, no beds here? I'm heading to Tramp Camp.
by burdgirl February 12, 2011

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