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a term for something said that may be considered odd, unusual or overtly disguisting.
derived when the wise man Burak made such crass, and odd statements, no one could define a term to describe them.
"Hey guys, i love mouldy puss! yeah mang, thats the shit! i tapeth thee"
"how bout, me, headstand, you funnel, BANG! Gravy in my arse."
thats a classic burakism
#antonyms: plain statement #regular speech #making of perfect sense #synonyms: crass #odd
by burakism producer May 02, 2006
really awesome, excellent, something outrageously good.
"dude, that horse has five willies!"
"ohhh, that shit is wackety chackety shmack!"
#antonyms: boring #shit #synonyms: exciting #awesome #outraqgeous #unbelievable
by burakism producer May 02, 2006
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