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1 definition by bunnyjane

non conformist - not goth or punk - not a political stand. not a rule maker or a rule breaker. just as a conformist - some follow rules some do not. i painted my living room orange.. my furniture don't match but i like it. people want me to get a big tv i dont even want a tv. they call me a hippie. I wont have stuff because you like it. i wont wear clothes because of what you say stylish. I wont drive a car that you say is cool. I wont eat at the trendy restraunts unless i want to. And when i do - i will dress as i please. I buy clothes at hot topic if i like them not because its a really hip store I also buy clothes at a thrift store. My style is almost never what is expected my tastes are way out. i know when i can be loud and obnoxious and i know when it really is uncalled for. A Non-conformist is just a person who you cant place into any specific cultural category (ie: normal/average/emo/goth/punk/etc) and i am not judgmental just because i am not like you.

Non conformist people ROCK if it is who you are not what you're trying to be.
individualistic out of the ordinary unusual
by bunnyjane February 10, 2009