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Noun:When two people love, one having the characteristics of a bunny and the other person having characteristics that resemble a monkey, they create Bunkey Love.
example: Did you ever notice how Sonya acts like a Bunny and Joseph Wright acts like a monkey, they must have Bunkey Love!
by bunnygirl12344 February 01, 2009
Noun: A man who is the most amazing lover in the world. He is known for his wonderful spirit, his mysterious aura, and his tantalizing appearance. Also Joseph Wright is understood to be deeply in love with Sonya Harding] and often refers to their relationship as "Bunkey Love."
Joseph Wright walked into a bar and everyone noticed him because of his stimulating persona, they took note of his Bunkey Love and became quite jealous.
by bunnygirl12344 February 01, 2009

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