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The little brown hard bit at the bottom of a banana.
don't eat the bonanus, rick.
by Bunnyavenger March 10, 2004
it is good. an overly excited way of stating the previous.
what do you think of my blonde hair? IZZAGOOD!
by bunnyavenger September 13, 2004
A jujube posessed by evil spirits.
I reached my hand in for another one in the dark theatre and the Jujubeast bit me.
by Bunnyavenger May 04, 2004
Ashley C. Not going in my Car. Nuh uh. Just you, me, sandra, maybe alowie.

buncha buddies just hanging out, no tension.
Three B's 4lyfe bud.bongz.bitchz4lyfe
by bunnyavenger September 21, 2004

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