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Asian of vietnamese background. Nammer girls can be found wearing TNA tracksuits and shopping at aritzia spending their rich nammer boyfriends money. Usualy have medium length layered blonde hair and blue contacts. Most don't reach over 5 feet tall and look the same from behind. Nammer guys are usually slightly taller than their girlfriends and have died blonde bangs and wear size 28 pants. They shop at Boys'co and always pay cash, and are usually not half as good looking as their girlfriends. They drive import cars and live in average houses with grow ops in the basement. They report their income through Pho restuarants and hair salons. Nammers often starts fights with ratios of 5-10: 1. Do not mess with them or you will get chopped. This, of course, is only young nammers. There are no old nammers because they usually all kill each other off by then.
Fucken nammers chopped that other nammers cousins mom's bf, because he looked at him!
by bunnie April 12, 2005

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