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When you wake up with wood and have to lean against the wall behild the toilet so you don't piss all over the bathroom.
Woke up with wood and it caught a bit of backsplash before I realized I had to get my boner lean on.
by bunghammer January 19, 2011
When you wake up with wood and you are unable to boner lean so you have to stand a few feet away from the toilet to piss and then have to shuffle towards the toilet as the urine stream weakens so you don't piss on the floor.
Had to do the morningwood hustle when I woke up with a boner, still peed on the floor a bit though, dang!
by bunghammer January 19, 2011
1) A fat person
2) A vehicle containing one or more fat persons
1) Look at that lardrocket
2) Wow that lardrocket just blew a stop sign
by bunghammer July 15, 2011

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