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creating a seal between a human mouth and flesh (commonly the stomach or arm) and then blowing, producing a fart-like sound.
Wanna hear a funny noise? <zerbert inserted here>
by Bungalow Bill October 19, 2001
television. Negative connotation.
Hmm. I can't find any cultural events for us to attend tonight. I guess we'll just have to watch the idiot box.
by Bungalow Bill January 30, 2002
Hey, give me your email addy and I'll send you the times for the movie
by Bungalow Bill December 21, 2001
Something or someone that is really cool.
Einstein is the bomb!
by Bungalow Bill October 18, 2001
a sign or warning of any impending danger, disaster or doom
when my gf called me up that day and gave me the "we need to talk" line, a red flag obviously came up and I figured I'd soon be on the outs with her.
by Bungalow Bill November 18, 2006
when someone is in a situation where very little or no attention is drawn to them
somehow they managed to stay under the radar for years while skimming all that cash from the bank.
by bungalow bill May 02, 2006
shorthand for girlfriend.
Sorry, I already have plans with the gf tonight.
by Bungalow Bill February 16, 2002

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