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(n) Irregular underwear, found loose in a bin. Usually discovered at a dirt mall, flea market, or other discount venue.

Note 1: Irregularities are generated through factory mistakes in mass-production.

Note 2: In most cases, people find that in spite of the substantial discount, the low cost of bundies is not worth the trade. Due to a lack of packaging, you do not know where bundies have been. In addition, most irregularities make bundies so uncomfortable they are functionally useless.
While rummaging through a big crate of bundies, I found a pair of tighty whities with one leg hole too big, and one leg hole too small, but that was nothing compared to the boxer shorts with a collar.
by bundies February 27, 2010
When "santorum" is forcibly projected at another person by way of:
1. Placing directly into a spoon and flinging,
2. Shooting it out of a straw like a spit-ball.
After some rigorous anal sex, Larry expelled some snatorum on a spoon and shot a Brown Jenkins at Jack.
by bundies January 18, 2010
Noun. The set of high-speed, nonsensical, and generally rambunctious actions taken by cats, usually late at night or just after pooping.

A small-scale snibbitz can be referred to as a "snib." In verb form, one may be "snibbing" or "having a snibbitz."

Alternate spellings: snibbits
Mittens had a total snibbitz last night when she ran down the stairs at a hundred miles an hour, meowed the whole time, jumped on the couch, latched onto the curtain and pulled it down over the television.
by Bundies April 05, 2011

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