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the process of ejecting semen from the penis, and is usually accompanied by orgasm as a result of sexual stimulation. It may also occur spontaneously during sleep (called a nocturnal emission); what you would rather do than sit in on a boring, or otherwise worthless, activity.
Croce : Hey you wanna go see daVinci Code?
Saltz : Hell no, I'd rather jerk my gurk
Croce : Hey man Saltz didn't go with me to the movie so i went with Big Cheese.
JJSmedi : Yo, she jerk your gurk?
Croce : (smiles big) Nah man, we don't do that kind of stuff
by bump your way to freedom July 08, 2006
An acknowledgment or expression of good will between two pimps; verbal Affirmations, often coupled with Gestures, that are an integral part of two pimps comfirming good spirits and times.
Jonny Rimar : Hey, man what's goin on?
JJSmedi : Nuttin much cat- just rollin dem pins
Jonny Rimar : Ya man, i feel you.
Salt : Pirtz! Where'd you get that ugly, yellow H2?
Pirtz : I won it man!
Saltz : (High-fives Pirtz) Thats it boy- roll dem pins.
by bump your way to freedom July 08, 2006

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