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before completing a credit or debit, you must ask credit or debit sir/ma'am, slide ones hand through the center crack of another individuals ass crack.
yesterday i was asked credit or debit, and i answered debit innocently and unsuspectingly got a credit or debit then a hand swiped up my ass crack. then screamed, "I like it rough".
by bummyland November 12, 2011
when a woman has a nip slip and all the men/woman in the room realize that woman has unnaturally big nipples (as big as a light bulb).
she was dancing and had a nip slip i yelled what a tiny nip slip they look like light bulbs!
by bummyland November 12, 2011
That awkward moment when your penis is to big to stuff into that tiny vagina of owned by the lady you brought home from the bar.
DAYUM girl this chubby worm just won't fit into that tiny vagina.
by bummyland November 12, 2011
when one individual, most likely a woman, is giving a blow job and out of the corner of their eye this individual sees that the mans pubes are quite hairy and then screeches "ah hairy coconuts" and immediately stops what their doing.
i was performing a blow job last night when i realized the man had hairy coconuts.
by bummyland November 12, 2011
that awkward moment when you turn around to see a naked old hag sitting on the toilet taking a shit (only wearing shoes) at your local YMCA.
today i innocently went to the bathroom at my local YMCA bathroom and some lady pulled a YMCA bathroom.
by bummyland November 12, 2011
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