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3 definitions by bumlover

Word used as general adjective or exclamation, generally for something negative
As in "Oh no! I've been robbed! That's so bumsex!"
"Bumsex! I've been robbed!"
by bumlover February 01, 2008
102 49
a really dirty deed that you do if you are gay
like when you are gay and you toss off your maths teacher, you is also a man, or the same with both girls
e.g. you know when donal tossed off mr ross, he did a panzina
by bumlover January 29, 2008
3 1
Like a popsicle, but with a bum on top rather than an ice lolly...
-"This bumsicle sure is good!"
-"Oh no! I got fluff on my bumsicle"
-"This popsicle tastes like bum..."
by bumlover June 17, 2008
4 5