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The one day of the year when it is socially acceptable to be shitfaced during the day, whether you're at school, work, etc.
Normally I would not go to class drunk at 9:00am, but it's St. Patrick's Day.
by bumbleclot March 17, 2010
Used to define an unknown quantity.
John: How much did that cost?
Rob: Oh, I dunno. Thirty-four dollars and humpity-hump cents.
by bumbleclot June 05, 2009
God's method of abortion.

About 10-20% of pregnancies will result in miscarriage (this statistic is from mayoclinic.com).
Thank God that welfare-sucking bitch had a miscarriage.
by bumbleclot May 06, 2009
Being accosted to do a loathsome, undesirable task at work.
Guy #1: Where's John? It's 5:00.
Guy #2: He was gommed.
by bumbleclot February 17, 2009
"Google" as pronounced in Pittsburgh (see Pittsburghese).
Yinzer #1: How many superbows did da Stiwwers win?
Yinzer #2: I dunno. Googow it.
by bumbleclot July 19, 2010
1. A compact pickup truck produced by Ford. Probably one of the shittiest, most cheaply made trucks money can buy.

2. An "elite" U.S. Army infantryman. Rangers pride themselves in physical stamina, but they are not the sharpest crayons in the box. NOT the same thing as Special Forces.
My ranger broke down again today.

Rangers can road march for 30 miles, but can't read.
by bumbleclot May 07, 2009

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