15 definitions by bum

Term used to describe a person who's kind of an ass and cant be quite. Also describes annoying people.
"Your such a bonerpop."
by BuM September 13, 2003
An unusual out-of-it insult with no apparent meaning.
"Your such a bonerpop
by BuM September 12, 2003
A made up word that doesn't mean anything in particular.
Helen doesn't know what a glinker is.
by BUM December 24, 2004
A small red fruit, with a bitter-sweet taste.
Cherries are gross
by bum August 11, 2003
when the water in your toot splashes you in the face and gets you wet, but you're already too stoned to notice.
scott got washed with his toot water, i laughed a lot
by bum March 18, 2004
Edible adhesive
Johnny, this is a kindergarden, stop eating all te gleet
by bum November 16, 2003
Dance Dance Revolution.
A scientific breakthrough for looking as stupid as possible. If you want everyone passing by to call you an idiot, feel free to play this crap.
Why are you playing ddr? You look like a fucking idiot.
by bum February 16, 2005
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