10 definitions by bullshitzer

A safe haven for socks that have escaped from the dryer.
Husband: I can't find the other half of my new pair of red socks, where did it go?

Wife: It probably sought refuge at the sockuary.
by Bullshitzer June 29, 2010
People on the beach who when you see from behind can ruin your day because there swimsuits and butts are the wrong size for each other.
I was having a good time relaxing at the beach until I saw a bummer butt and had to go home.
by Bullshitzer June 09, 2010
Medical term describing the nerve damage to one's thumbs resulting from continuous use of these digits to type out and send useless information on their phones to friends who having nothing better to do actually have time to read them.
The prognosis is not good said the doctor to the thumb shaking patient. Your tests all came back positive for Twitter Quiver.
by Bullshitzer June 05, 2010

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