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a middle age woman good looking enough to be have her pussy eaten on the dining room table
When I first saw David's mother I new she was table grade, and would have eaten her on the spot.
#foxy lady #milf #babe #booty #sweet thing
by bullet88 March 11, 2009
large portable radio/tape/cd player favored by urban entertainers.
Tyrone carried his nigger breifcase on his shoulder wherever he went, to breakdance, jam on the skreet, or party wif some Colt 45 at the park. It was his prized pocession.
#boombox #radio #cd #tape player #urban entertainment center
by bullet88 August 27, 2008
A palinista is a severe loyalist who still supports the failed 2008 VP candidate, denying all evidence and logic that she was a complete fool and humiliating disaster. They are mostly evangelical supporters of creationism and refuse all proven scientific knowledge. Their philosophy is "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up".
When my father parroted the FOX Noise line that Grandpa John hit a home run in the selection of the VP for the 2008 republican presidential election, I told him that he hit a weak grounder right to the first baseman, and he refused to talk to me for a month. He will be a palinista until the day he dies.
#idiot #moron #mutant hillbilly #pinhead #twit #ignoramus #simpleton #imbecile #cretin #fool #bonehead #twenty percenter
by bullet88 August 02, 2009
A friend, associate or colleauge that plays one particular or a small number of popular songs repetitively to the point of distraction.
Wes got the new Kings of Leon CD and he plays it right next to me in my cube over and over again. He has played the damn thing four or more times every day for the last two months like an eight year old with a new Raffi DVD. I used to like it, but I hope I never hear it again. He really has the Raffi Syndrome.
#monotony #endless repetition #wearisom #tiresome #boring #unoriginal
by bullet88 April 09, 2009
The prick that married your ex-wife
I got along with my ex for years until she remarried, but I have a running battle with my husband-in-law.
#asshole #prick #douchebag #motherfucker #shortcock
by bullet88 August 06, 2009
Almost every rugby club has at one time encountered a rugby rogue. this traveling scumbag appears at practice or a match and joins the club willing to assist in the collective efforts. He is usually a piggy, and has a trade, like a carpenter or electrician, and finds a place to live with some of the batchleor players. Within a year, he leaves without notice, absconding with property and funds belonging to the roommates and the club.
Last year Rich started playing with us, and moved in with Android and Buddha. We should have been known that he was a rugby rogue since he was 35 and pocessed only a kit, some clothes and a 15 year-old Dodge truck. He sold $400 worth of raffle tickets, did not turn in any of the stubs or the money, and when we went to the house he was gone and so was Buddha's stereo and Android's furniture.
#fraud #cheat #swindler #scoundrel #lowlife #dirtbag #scalawag #thief #asshole
by bullet88 July 18, 2009
Individuals, usually men, that have a particularly propensity to control every aspect of a family's life. Nothing can occur in the family inviroment unless it is approved by the Inspector Senior (usually the patriarch). Nothing even remotely minor or benige can start without prior approval, and those who do will be chastized severely. There is always one specific method that any work can be done, weather it is sweeping the floor, or washing a car, and unless you adhere to the Inspector Seniors instructions, you are in trouble. These people are members of the Anal Society. They are most often accountants and architects.
The day after we moved in our new house, my mother and I began hanging pictures on the walls, and when my father got home from the hardware store he made us take them all down. He then made us take graft paper and plot all locations using a protractor and then we had to use anchor screws even though we had sheetrock walls and nothing weighed more than ten pounds. Dad is president of the Anal Society.
#control freak #butthole #pain in the ass #wraped too tight #in severe need of a blow job
by bullet88 May 26, 2009
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