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a semi-synthetic opioid. released to the public around 1995 and has recently become more popular than crack and cocaine.
i was a coke head, a crack addict and a meth junkie and all of those drug habits i beat on my own. i wish i could say the same for oxycontin. i started using it as a prescribed pain management system, but it wasn't too long before i developed a dependency and starting working just to support my habit. as for it's pain killing properties there can't be a more powerful substitute. likewise, with its addictive qualities, there can't be a harder habit to break. i think i could give up cigarettes before oxy's. this drug is more dangerous to abuse than just about any other drug. the withdrawl is beyond description. it amazes me that the FDA allows something like this to hit the market. what's more amazing is that doctors seeem to know very little about it, or they simply don't care to tell you what they do know. my doctor gave me no indication that it was so highly addictive, or that the withdrawl would be equivallent to a week in a torture chamber.

to anyone looking for a powerful pain killer, watch out for these pills. they are incredibly expensive to get on the streets when your script runs out. where i live, it is common to pay upwards of 40-50 bucks for one 80mg pill. last week i got a great deal, 30 eighties for 150 bucks. i've already gone through them and need more. the withdrawl has hit me and i would rather be dead than feel like this
by bukschacht June 15, 2008

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