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5 definitions by budbuyer

In reference to Marijuana. Slang, used mostly among strangers.
"Hey, we just moved into town. Know where to get any of that falasosa?"
by budbuyer April 20, 2005
1 1
To become out-of-control. Wildly flapping or spinning.
"Did you see him fanq out? I had no idea..."
by budbuyer April 20, 2005
1 3
Or Scug Machine. A TurntABLE. The sound of a scratched record.
"...These scugs are brand new... None of these tracks have any scug..."
by budbuyer April 25, 2005
5 8
one who builds patterns out of sounds
the abacussi worked many long hours
by budbuyer May 13, 2005
3 9
Not the vegetable but a Beat that is edible. A Drum Beat that you can eat.
"Try our new Herbal Beets! Now in six different flavors! The only drum beats you can eat!"
by budbuyer May 13, 2005
3 14