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3 definitions by budajizz

A racial slur used to define a Amish person who lacks basic judgment skills needed to function outside of amish society.
"the other day I was hinking and saw three blue niggers trespassing on my property"
by budajizz November 18, 2008
The term used by World of Warcraft players to congratulate someone on a level up also known as a Ding. But this phrase can be used in many other forms to show great achievement.
1. "Dingrats on your mage hitting level 10"

2. "Wow Dave dingrats on finally hitting third base"
by budajizz November 19, 2008
taking a turkey baster and filling it up with icy hot, then shoving the turkey baster into the anus and emptying it.

"That Canadian Stick Up you gave me burned like hell."
by budajizz November 18, 2008