20 definitions by bud

just chilling in a "nerdy" way.
Lisa simpson was chinkin' when she wore chanel sun glasses 2 school.
by Bud July 27, 2003
Permutation of "deft". Adroit.
Yo, sir. Those moves are def.
by Bud April 03, 2004
A feeling of something immensly pleasurable, often as a result of slipping one into your mates milf-of-a-mothers snatch.
"Show me your wound Mrs Pattni, its Gacktastically Gacktacular." Mr Budniak exclaimed.
by Bud September 25, 2004
to slice so severely as to almost remove
My finger got caught in the grinder and almost got OJ'd.
by bud September 26, 2003
Slang for heroin in its powder form
ie: Hey got any scad i feel like throwing my life away today
by Bud March 27, 2005
a slang term for an athletic african american; used as short for "kangaroo"
Holy shit we got our ass whooped by 30 points today by a bunch of Kangs from Brooklyn. Those guys were jumping around and grabbed every rebound!!!
by bud March 29, 2005
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